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Business is about solving problems for your customers

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Business is all about solving problems for your customers. Period!

Is it? We think so. The most successful businesses that we deal with, view the market as a place where there is an abundance of opportunity to solve customer problems, and they position their product offering in that way.

So what problem are you solving for your customer? Do you ever bother to think about it? If your answer to this question starts with “We Sell……such and such” or “We are experts in…..” you are completely on the wrong track. All those answers tell anyone who is willing to listen, nothing about what potential problem you can solve for them. A potential buyer/customer will now put you in the box of “those guys are another one of them….”. They will be uninterested in your offering. Why? Because your potential customer will hear of what is in it for YOU, not what’s in it for them. What’s in it for you is of no interest to them.

In the marketplace right now there are lots and lots of customers who are looking for solutions to their problems. You have to take a cold hard look at yourself and your business and ask that tough question “What problem do we solve for our customers?”

Ok so your industry is different, right? NO. Your industry is the same as almost every other one. Have a look at your market, see those businesses in your sector who are doing well, or at the very least better than the rest. Almost all of them do the little things well, all of the time, consistently. They are all customer focused. Whether they sell you a cup of coffee, a car, household goods, complex business solutions, their language, their message, their employees are all focused on The Customer. You’ll now say “we are too”. Really? Have you ever asked your customer what they want, what they would pay for, what they are not willing to pay for? Do your employees know? Would they know what to say if they were asked?

So, what problem are you solving for your customer?

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