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Deal With The Elephant First

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Let’s face it there are a pile of things in all our businesses we need to get to, but for whatever reason we just keep putting it off, “sure it’ll be grand”. But as time goes by they never really go away, if anything they just become bigger and you know some time you’re going to have to deal with it anyway.

In our business we deal with these kind of problems on a daily basis:

– The sales team (person) that are not working

– The customer that just keeps on “bustin’ your you-know-whats”, asking for the sun moon and stars, wants it for nothing and never pays you anyway

– That one employee who seems to make a career out of doing nothing except trying to make your life a misery on a daily basis

You get the picture.

Dealing with this stuff is never easy, often there are long term relationships at play, some emotions involved. The one sure thing is that when you do eventually deal with it there is a tremendous sense of relief. If you can do it yourself great, take a decision to confront the issue, have courage. A point that might help you deal with the problem is that most of your staff already know what the problem is and are just waiting for someone (you) to do something about it.


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