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Diversifying your marketing efforts

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Diversifying your marketing efforts broadens the audience you reach. Whether you are trying to increase awareness of your brand, find new leads or drive traffic to your website it is imperative to create a compelling consistent message and to approach your audience from multiple angles.

Using a multi-pronged approach allows you to get in front of more customers in more than one way. Consumers today use several channels to engage and search content so it is necessary to practice the classic methods as well as moving with the times.

Direct Mail is one of the top 4 methods for generating interest particularly in the B2B Industry, especially when it is followed up with subsequent letters and a phone call.

If your target audience fits with the Twitter and Facebook user profile this allows you to keep your followers up to date with information about your business as well as provide them with links to current and informative information and allows them to interact with you. Posting about your brands personality and its people gives followers a sense of your business and what you are about.

A LinkedIn Company page is also very beneficial for establishing your company’s credibility. You company overview allows you to share updates, blog and post your twitter feed to help people understand what you do and how well you do it. Your company page also gives you the ability to interact with other LinkedIn members including groups and answers section here you have the opportunity to demonstrate your companies expertise and answer questions from other LinkedIn members. Each page has a section where you can promote your products or services and provide a link to your website.

It is always good to test different mediums and see which ones are really effective for your business.

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