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Leveraging Technology

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You may be thinking “technology” refers to having an online presence or a website. However “Leveraging Technology” means utilising the full range of technologies available to enhance your product offering and grow your business.

According to a survey by in May 2020, 36% of food businesses had leveraged technology as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recent examples are “Boojum” restaurant:

Boojum opened in 2007 as a Mexican bar/restaurant – Fast, award winning Mexican food. However when Covid-19 hit the queues starting to dwindle and then the restaurant was force to closed it doors for a considerable length of time. However Boojum owners evolved their proposition and have repositioned themselves in their own words:
“Having built out an industry leading digital platform which is now a key driver of sales, Boojum are now focused on building on the early success of their new meal kit channel. The meal kits contain all of the same restaurant quality ingredients that made the Boojum burrito the second most ordered menu item in the world on Deliveroo, now packaged up ready to create a new at home cooking experience. The meal kits have a consumer facing side at, but they are now starting to see real traction on the corporate side. Boojum are working with a range of innovative and forward thinking companies (large and small) to deliver meal kits right across the island of Ireland from Portrush to Kinsale and anywhere in between.”

Instead of simply launching a website Boojum have gone that one step further and really leveraged the technology available to them while at the same time filling a gap in the market.

Another recent example is “Dead Centre Brewery” based in Athlone. This is a Micro Brewery who once the Pandemic hit had no Distribution channel for its beers. This brewery was not the only one with this issue, all other Micro Brewers across the country were faced with the same challenge. In order to overcome this they launched a website selling Irish Beers and Ciders direct to the public, through Rather than simply fulfilling a need for their own craft beers the Brewery are now selling a large range of Irish and some international beers direct to the consumer.

Like Boojum they went one step further than launching an “online shop” to sell their products.

The current Level 5 lockdown is causing a lot of stock and distribution concerns for businesses in Ireland – There may be a way to avoid this “trouble” for your business by leveraging the technology that is within your business or researching opportunities or partnerships in order to deal with the “trouble”.

If you are unsure of where to start one place may be The Irish Institute for Management Development they run an online course entitled “Leveraging Technology” which contains 52 modules and costs €69 plus VAT, you probably don’t have the time but maybe one of your team could research it. Either way, it’s something that we are convinced every business needs to address.

Or why not chat to us here in the Business Troubleshooters and utilise the expertise we have gained over the last 10 years working with SMEs across Ireland doing just that.

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