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When Sales and Operations are at Each other’s Throats

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This is a constant struggle within organisations. The view from sales is, “we just get a new customer and it seems like the business does everything to lose them”, and from inside is “do these sales guys have any understanding of what they are asking us to do?”

Sound familiar?

Even in the best run organisations there will be a difference of opinion between Sales and Operations. Management consulting can help tease out these issues and put solutions in place. We encounter these challenges in every business we deal with, it can vary from some minor ripples to significant chasms to overcome.

The cause is almost always that we have not put the “Customer” at the centre of the discussion. When we decide that the “Customer” needs a solution then the finger pointing stops, the conversations become more solution based. If your organisation has an internal “Them & Us” fight going on, then you have let it happen, and it is up to you to put a stop to it. Management consulting when used will almost always identify and bring about the necessary positive change in an organisation.

You’ve got to show leadership. It’s not about “Them” or “Us”. It’s about the “Customer”. It’s about solving their problem. All the efforts of the business must be focused on delivering an exceptional product or service to them because if you don’t they will take the control out of your hands by going somewhere else to spend their money and that will stop all the internal bickering and arguing.

Take the recent VW controversy. Do you think that decision had anything to do the “Customer”, almost definitely not? A short sighted decision to grow sales and the result – Billions wiped off the value of the business, hundreds of jobs put at risk.

So if you are aware there is a lot of conflict within your inside team and the Sales team you must act now. Engage management consulting or not. You must however do something to change the environment, you must get the focus back to the “Customer”. To do nothing will have longer term negative consequences.

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