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The Importance of a clear message

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The Importance of a clear message
Clear communication of your company message is vital. In order for people to get excited about your brand they need to understand it first. This can be difficult when on average people’s attention span dips after just a few sentences when reading.

Take Time

Take time to develop your message and ensure that it is clear, precise and relevant. People want to know how you can help them, but don’t want to have to spend time figuring out what you are trying to tell them.

When you are developing your message ask yourself what does your company do? What problem does it solve for your customers? Why are you different from your competitors?


Once you have answered all these questions, try to define your company in one sentence, pick out the most important information and make sure it is clear and concise. Focus on your customers and keep your messages clear and brief while making sure the tone, look and message coincides with the rest of your brand. Make sure your Website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are all consistent and telling the same story.

Strong branding creates trust between you and your customers, which in turn increases their expected value for money and increases your sales. Avoid switching messaging or changing your logo or website too frequently, you want your customers to look at your brand and instantly recognise it, Constant changes will confuse them.

Connect with your customers on a personal level rather than trying to push sales, you must speak to your market in one unified voice. By focusing on this and consistently delivering the brand message you will be able to make a lasting impression on your customers.

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