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The importance of identifying your target market

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The importance of identifying your target market

“Think like a Customer”

Without a clear target market you will speak to no one. Before creating any marketing plan you need to establish who you are trying to reach and think like your customer.Growing Sales

You created your service or product with a certain function in mind so you need to target the exact people that need that function.

Who are your current customers and why do they buy from you? What age are they? What gender? Where are they Located? What are their personalities, lifestyles attitudes and behaviours? Have they interests or hobbies? What do they value? What is most important to them?

Once you have confirmed your “Customer Bull’s Eye”, you can then take the next step and consider how your product will fit into their lifestyle. What about your product is going to appeal to them, and where will they find it? Are there enough potential clients? Once you know who you are aiming for you can design a plan to get their attention, get them to like you and get them to BUY from you. You have found your niche. Once you know who you are targeting it is much easier to figure out how to reach them and what sort of message will resonate with them.

Discovering your target market allows you to target the right type of customers, deliver a more personalised message and win the customers you want to win.

… “Who is your Customer Bulls-Eye”? Do you even have one?

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